At the idyllic outskirts of 40,000 inhabitants Goldschläger city Schwabach is Raab's Inspektorsgarten - Your Hotel-Gasthof.Just a few meters from the house is a bus stop. Start walking and discovering nature, leave the bike and explore the surrounding area or take a trip to the diverse and interesting sights?The magnificent location of our family-run hotel is the ideal location for this. Attractions nearby:• City Museum with Hengleinscher egg collection and diverse historical exhibitions - World famous by the gold leaf production• branch of the Jewish Museum Franconia. To visit here is a historical Tabernacles with impressive wall paintings from the late Baroque period - unique in this combination.• unlimited play and climbing fun in the PLAYMOBIL Fun Park• Various Lakes Important distances:• Nuremberg Exhibition: about 15 minutes• Nuremberg city center: 10 minutes by public transport• Nuremberg Airport Albrecht Dürer: 30 minutes